Tips on Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyes

Eyes – healthy tips

Eye-sight and eyes is really god gifted. Just try closing your eyes for 10 minutes or juts half an hour and you will simply realize the importance of vision and eyes. Like any other part of the body, our eyes also needs conscious efforts for protecting them that also helps in improving the vision of your eyes. Taking conscious and proactive effects for protecting your eyes is surely going to benefit you in long run. It will help you in offering healthy eyes that is helpful in providing clear and better vision.  Here are some of the tips on healthy eyes that can follow, ensuring maximum care and protection for your eyes.

Healthy eyes tips:

  • It is advisable of including more green fruits and veggies in your diet for enjoying healthy eyes. Following a healthy diet, rich with raw green veggies and rich fresh fruits will offer beneficial elements for your body to be fit as well as your eyes to be healthy and sharp in vision concern.
  • Night owls might not get agree on this, but it’s sure they are risking their eye health while sitting late night. Likewise your body, your eyes too require adequate amount rest and sleep at night, so that it can easily function in your day without getting puffy, tired or red.
  • It is important for maintaining proper hygiene when in need of healthy eyes. Wash your hands properly before you touch your eyes. And for those who are wearing contact lenses should strictly follow the instructions of hygiene or avoiding infections and allergies in your eyes.
  • It is also important for you to always perform a regular eye checkup. It is high recommended that you should visit the eye specialist at least with the gap of six months. It will help you in making sure that your eyes are in perfect condition, rather you have healthy eyes.
  • Not only will that, visiting your eye specialist also help you in diagnosing any eye issues at the initial stage itself. It is advisable of wearing sun glasses when moving out in the sun. No doubt sunlight is essential but not too much. During hot and dry days, avoid moving out in the sun without wearing sun glasses. Because the sun rays are harsh and might also cause you damaging effects.
  • Using good quality sun shades will help you in protecting your eyes from getting damaged from the harsh and strong sun rays. Resting your eyes while working is very important. Majority of office jobs require direct glaring and constant contact towards computer screen. It can damage your eyes.
  • It is advisable for taking a break, say for at least twenty minutes. You just need to close your eyes or get some of the fresh air for enjoying healthy eyes. It is recommended of keeping a safe distance from electronic screens. Mostly it is seen that adults are exposed to the computer screens at their working place, while on the other hands kids are glued to the TV screen at the home, this might lead to eye problem in future.

Ways to Stop Snoring

ways to stop snoring

Tips to stop snoring

Snoring is really an annoying trouble, not for you but for the people sleeping around you. It’s of course not good for you also as it is a sign of unhealthy person. It is usually said that when you are too much tired, you generally snore at night but it is just a myth. There can be many other logical and scientific reasons for snoring. However whatever the reason may be, you must focus on how to stop snoring. It is not a big thing to stop snoring and you don’t need any miracle to do that for you. If you really want to stop snoring, you just need to make some easy and simple changes in your current lifestyle and you will be able to stop snoring. Not only making changes ion lifestyle will help you but also making these changes regular in life without avoiding it will give you the efficient result to stop snoring. There are also remedies and medical treatments available to stop snoring, but before opting for that you should try out some natural remedies to stop snoring and if they don’t work then only you should think of going for medical treatments. Here are some of the self-help tips to stop snoring.

Tips to stop snoring

  • The first and fore most tips to stop snoring are to maintain your diet and weight. Try and keep your diet healthy. If you are overweight just by some few kgs will also cause you to snore while you are asleep. Fat tissues which are around your neck will squeeze the airway and also prevent the air from flowing in and out easily.
  • Try and sleep on your side and avoid sleeping on your back. When you are sleeping on the side of your back your chin, your tongue and any other excess fatty tissue under your chin will be able to relax and also squash your airway. When you sleep on your side, this thing will be avoided and hence it will I turn stop snoring.
  • Try to avoid alcohol before going to the bed. Alcohol will cause the muscles to relax more as compared to the usual one at the time of normal sleep at night. This extra relaxation of the muscles will make the back of your throat collapse more easily which will then cause snoring.
  • Try and quit your smoking addiction. Smoking and cigarette will irritate the lining of your nasal cavity and also your throat which can cause swelling and also catarrh. If your nasal passage becomes congested, it will be very difficult to breathe with your nose as the airflow is reduced.
  • Try and keep nasal clean and clear as due to this you can breathe in very much easily through your nose and you don’t need to breathe through your mouth. If you are suffering from any allergy of nose or any other disease then consult your doctor and get yourself treated with him as it can also be one of the reasons of snoring and to stop snoring you need to consult the doctor.


Tips For Healthy Eating

Healthy eating for body care

Healthy eating for fitness

Healthy eating is a key to healthy living. You must follow the right diet and go for healthy eating n your daily life. Your healthy eating depends upon the kind of work you do all day. Healthy eating also depends upon the weight you have. Ensure that you eat wide range of food to have a balanced diet and stay healthy and fit. Here are some of the healthy eating tips to make healthy, fit and fine.

  • Eat variety of food

You will require more than 40 various nutrients for having good health and only a single food cannot supply all. Food supply of today makes it easy to eat wide range of food even if you get fresh food to cook or not. You can go for taking ready prepared dishes or you can also g for take away food. Make sure to balance your choice overtime. If you are had a high fat lunch then, you can go for having low fat dinner. This will make healthy eating and a balanced diet. If you had a large serving meat in dinner one day then go for eating fish the next day.

  • Take food rich in carbohydrates

There are many people who don’t eat food like pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and such other cereals. More than half of the calories of your diet come from these food. Try and opt for wholegrain bread or wholegrain cereals, pasta for increasing your fiber intake.

  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables

The best way for healthy eating is to have proper intake of lots of fruits and vegetables. Majority of people do not eat enough of fruits and vegetables even though they provide protective and important nutrients. For healthy eating, you must have minimum five servings in a day. Initially if you do not enjoy them then try adding spices to them and experiment some new recipes and you can also take idea from all those ready and prepared dishes available in the market.

  • Maintain healthy body weight

For healthy eating, your weight is a very important factor to consider. There is no particular figure for proper weight; it depends upon your age, height, heredity and gender. If you are over weighted then it will increase the risk of many diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Excess body weight means you are eating more calories than you actually should which is not healthy eating. Physical exercise is a great way to keep your weight in control and also make you fit and active. If you are gaining excessive weight, then for your healthy eating, you should have a plan to eat less and be more active.

  • Eat regularly

Skipping your meals is not the right tip for healthy eating. In fact it will result in out of control hunger leading in helpless over eating. Snacks between the meals will help you to control hunger but make sure you don’t eat too much that it substitutes your meal.

4 Natural Remedies to Treat Chapped Lips

4 Natural Remedies to Treat Chapped LipsWinter is such a season whereby all our moisturizers and our sweaters, gloves, etc. and much more of the things which we get out so that we can get easily protected towards it right? But amongst the entire most annoying one which is considered to be one thing to be healed as fast as possible is the chapped lips. We all know the basic remedies but the actual ones are such that we do know but don’t know how to use it exactly for getting the effective results too. But firstly it is considered to be important for knowing the basic knowledge of your lips. Natural remedies to treat chapped lips will help you in getting your lips to be plumped and refreshed which you always wanted of.

As compared to the other skin on our body, lips have way more thinner skin which do not produce any of oil material which does not helps the lips of getting moisture. But because of such situation your lips does not gets enough of moisture and it gets chapped. But with the help of these natural remedies to treat chapped lips will help you in getting all the sources which can be considered to be beneficial to the users who are in need of such treatment. Well, there are many natural remedies to treat chapped lips which are available to the users like ghee, honey, sugar scrub, lemon juice, etc. and many more of such option which you can definitely go for counting in the list of natural remedies to treat chapped lips.

Natural remedies to treat chapped lips

  • Just keep one thing in mind that all these are considered to be natural remedies to treat chapped lips which you can definitely go for trying up. And another thing it is also considered to be cost effective so that the users are not required of going to buy each and every material from the market which is costly in price.
  • Ghee is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies to treat chapped lips which you can go for exercising on your lips. Go for applying few of the drops on your lips and massage it well, it will help you in retaining the glam of your lips which has been taken away by the winter.
  • As stated there are many different natural remedies to treat chapped lips which you can go for sitting at your home too. And amongst them one is honey. Well, in simple words we can say that using honey as your moisturizer is considered to be the best option which you must go for trying it up.
  • Sugar scrub is another treatment which you can call for the natural remedies to treat chapped lips. Take sugar add some of the drops of honey in it and mix it well. Now apply those sugar scrub on your lips and scrub it well. This scrub will help you in getting rid of all the dead skin which is present on your lips and will get you with the new and fresh skin of your lips which will be more refreshing and pinky too.

4 Ways of Eating Healthier Food during Pregnancy

Ways of Eating Healthier Food during PregnancyHaving a healthy pregnancy is considered to be the motto of would be mother. I know you obviously not intending of getting something bad results of not taking proper care of yourself in your pregnancy because don’t forget taking you care will result in taking your child’s care right? But amongst all, the most important thing which you need to comply with is having and eating healthier food during pregnancy. You go for matching up with the supplements which are considered to be important for your body to take the intake with. Going for eating healthier food during pregnancy like that food which complies of nutrients and vitamins which are considered to be important for your child. So going for certain tips which will help you in maintaining up the right balance of the food which you in take while having your pregnancy.

This article will help you in providing different ways which can help you in knowing for eating healthier food during pregnancy. There are many things or ways which can help you in the matters of going for eating healthier food during pregnancy like intake of the food which provides the supplements of vitamins and proteins, having more amount of liquid fluid with its vital portions, getting in touch and watching out for your weight, eating of healthier food, etc. and more of such things which you need to take in to account while going for eating healthier food during pregnancy.

Ways of eating healthier food during pregnancy

  • The first thing which you need to comply with is to concern your doctor which you have gone for. As they have the better knowledge of the things which you need to eat and which would be considered to be good for your body at the time of having your pregnancy. Take the food which comprises of prenatal supplements which are considered to be good for the health of would be mothers.
  • It comprises of vitamins and minerals which are good for the health of the women who is pregnant. Having and eating healthier food during pregnancy will help her I providing of enough of the vitamins to her baby which is going to come in the world. Vitamins and mineral which you are going to need are iron, zinc, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin A and calcium which is considered is appropriate for the child.
  • Having more amounted of liquid its considered to be another important point which the pregnant women must comply with. It will help her in getting stimulated and having energy in her body which she is going to need more while having her pregnancy. Well, it is advisable of taking 8 to 9 cups of fluid every day which is considered to be helpful for the mother.
  • Watching out for your weight is very important which you need to take in to account while going for eating healthier food during pregnancy. It is said that only 300 extra calories are being needed for the pregnant women for their baby. If you are underweight than your doctor will advise you to put on some of the weight which is considered to be beneficial for you.

Tips of Taking Care of your Hairs

Tips of Taking Care of your HairsIn today’s busy world, we are very much busy with our thing like with our job, family, business, etc. and many more of the things and in all these things we forget to get and taking care of ourselves right? I know we all have the problem of not getting time for ourselves and this thing is considered to be removed. There are many things which you need to take care of and concentrate up on your body which can not only help you in getting the best feel but it will help you in making your self presentable and will gain you up with positivity in you. Well, in accordance to me, the part of our body which can make me feel confident enough is the hairs. Yes, you need to take care of your hairs which can help you in many matters. Not only are those but there many tips of taking care of your hairs which you can go for.

I know you might be thinking that there are many spas and salons which you can go for but let me clear you one thing that they are going to use up chemicals which can herm up your hairs too. In fact you can go for taking care of your hairs at your home with best natural manner. Well, there are many things which can help you in taking care of your hairs like oiling it regularly, using natural shampoos, go for natural therapy, etc. and many more of the things which can get you in the process of taking care of your hairs in a better manner.

Tips of taking care of your hairs

  • Well, if you will ask me than there are many things which can help you in the matters of taking care of your hairs. The first tip of taking care of your hairs which can help you in getting your bets of the hairs is the use of baking soda mixture. Yes, you heard it right. It also known by the name of baking soda therapy. Take 2 to 3 tbsp. of baking soda in a bowl and add some water to it. Now shampoo up your hairs and after your shampoo apply this therapy which will help you in removing all the extra shampoo which is being present in your hairs and will provide you with shiny and styling hairs.
  • Another tip which can help you in taking care of your hairs is the bitter gourd treatment which you can go for in your home too. Take some of the bitter gourd and extract some juice of it. Now take a bowl and add up the juice in to it and apply it on the hairs and the scalp and keep it for at least half an hour. After that rinse it properly from your hairs and get the shiny and soft hairs which can be considered amongst the tips of taking café of your hairs. Not only are these but there many other tips of taking care of your hairs which can help you in this matter.


How To Lose Weight

Lose weightThere is plethora of ways of losing weight on a quick basis but those can make you feel hungry and unsatisfied most of the times. If you are short of iron willpower then hunger can make you give on this plan of losing weight very quickly. Thus without dropping your plan if you want to lose weight then you can try reducing your appetite. By doing so you will be able to lose weight without hunger and you will also improve your metabolic health at the same time. Here are some of the steps which will help you to lose weight.

  • Avoid starches and sugars

The most important step for losing weight is to cut back on starches and sugars. This food is such which stimulates the secretion of insulin most in the body. If you are unaware of the insulin then for your knowledge, insulin is the main hormone for the fat storage in the body. When the level of insulin goes down then it will easier for the fat to get out of the fat stores and your body will start burning fats easily and quickly instead of carbs. One of the another advantage of lowering down level of insulin is that your kidney will shed excess amount of sodium and water out of your body which will decrease bloat and useless water weight and ultimately result in losing weight.  Just putting your insulin down will put your weight loss process on auto pilot as it will decrease your hunger automatically.

  • Eat protein, vegetables and fat

Each one of your meal which you take in your body should contain protein source and also low carb vegetables. Preparing your meals in this manner will gradually bring your carb level in control and in the range of 20-50 grams per day. The sources of protein are meat, beef, pork, lamb and bacon. Fish and sea food like shrimps, lobsters, trout and salmon are also some other sources of protein even eggs can also be taken into consideration. High protein diets increase metabolism in your body and they also reduces those overwhelmed thoughts about food for about 60%. They also reduce the tendency of late night snacks by 50% and it makes you feel all the time which automatically decrease your calories by 441 per day by doing nothing but just adding protein to your diet. When the matter comes to losing weight, protein is considered as the king of nutrients.

  • Lift weights three times per week

When you are working on this plan, you don’t need to do exercise but it is recommended. The most recommended option is to go to gym and do work out for 3 to 4 days in a week. For losing weight, you must first of all do warm up then try to lift weights and then do stretching. By lifting up weights, you will be able to burn some extra calories and stop from losing metabolism and also lose weight on a bit speedy basis.

How Much To Sleep For Leading a Healthy Living?

healthy sleepNormal Sleep Cycle:

A number of activities occur even when we are sleeping. A normal sleep has two phases: non-REM and REM phase.

Non-REM phase is the initial short phase. It has three stages:

Stage 1: eyes are just closed and you can easily be woken up
Stage 2: you are in light sleep but a loud voice can wake you up
Stage 3: you are in deep sleep and it’s hard to wake you up. This is the time when tissues are repaired, muscles and bones grow and immune system strengthen.

With age, length of non-REM sleep decreases.

REM sleep is rolling eye movement sleep. The eye constantly moves during this phase. It is initially 45 minutes long and with every cycle increases. In the last cycle it is one hour long. In this period, you see dreams. Brain shows some activities which can be recorded in EEG.
Normally 4-5 such cycles take place in 6 to 7 hours.

Normal Required Time

• Children less than one year-16 to 18 hours
• Children from one to five years-10 to 12 hours
• School going children-8 to 9 hours
• Adults-6 to 7 hours

Advantages Of Good Sleep

• Better health
• Better mood
• Decrease in pain
• stronger immunity
• Better memory
• Improve concentration
• Improves performance
• Lesser chances of injuries
• Better weight control
• Clear thinking
• Improvement in libido
• Live longer
• More active creative mind
• Decreases stress
• Decreases chances of depression
• Lowers risk of systemic diseases

Time Of Sleep

The body is adapted to sleep at night. The body has a biological clock which has a fixed time to sleep between 12 am to 7 am. That is why it becomes extremely difficult to stay awake between 3 am to 5 am. If you don’t sleep during this time, the body doesn’t get complete rest and you feel tired the whole next day. Not just sleeping during the day does not compensate for the time lost during the night. Night is made for sleep, every one sleeps at night. There is pin drop silence, its dark and it is the perfect environment for proper body rest

Reasons For Insomnia:

• Stress
• Pain
• Vitamin, mineral tablets
• Medications
• Caffeine
• Pets in bed
• Exhaustion
• Sleep disorders
• Alcohol
• Smoking
• Undiagnosed GERD

Methods To Tackle Insomnia

Self employed methods:

• Do not take a power nap during the day
• Exercise in the morning rather than just before bed time
• Avoid caffeine at least in evening
• Quite smoking
• Avoid drinking or at least bring it down to one drink for women and 2 drinks for men
• Go to bed at the same time daily
• Try avoiding doing any activity in bed
• Tackle your stress
• Sleep for fixed hours

Go to a sleep clinic: a sleep clinic is a clinic in which the doctors tackle your sleep disorders by the following method:

• Counselling
• Medications
• Sleep diary
• Devices
• Others

Sleep is as important as eating or drinking fluids. In fact, you cannot stay awake for 4 days but you can go without drinking anything for 7 days. A good night sleep can make you a winner whereas a bad one can make you lose the most important battle of your life. It’s your choice whether to win or loose

Green is good but heard about Red?

red vegetablesA smart diet plan usually focuses on green veggies chiefly but do you know that the colored- especially the red fruits and vegetables too carry some immense health benefits. Among the many health advantages offered by a red fruity diet, the most significant ones are reduced bad LDL cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, firmness of joint tissues as well as protection from cardiac ailments. Moreover, the crimson platter can even safeguard the body from the lung, cervical and prostate cancer.

The post here highlights on some of the great benefits extended by some everyday red fruits and vegetables.

Let’s start with the succulent strawberries. These lovely crimson berries contain 80 percent of water, dietary fiber, potassium & Vitamin C galore. The grand presence of pectin, lectin & ascorbic acid in the fruit makes it an idea aide for lowering down the blood cholesterol level. In conventional medicines, strawberry played a key role as a good purifying, emollient & cholerectic agent. The fruit also offers anti-rheumatic and antitussive effective. Some of the health experts advise strawberry for anti-anemic benefits.
Then, of course you have the apple- even a child knows that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Red apple is enriched in Vitamin C, sugar and pectin. The fruit helps in the treatment of intestinal tract disorders & can resist problems like asthma, anemia and diarrhea. It also calms the nervous system ensuring a sound sleep. Red apple is fat less and is wonderful for those who are looking to stay trim without compromising on hunger. Besides, red apple is a natural teeth cleanser.

Tomato is a favorite of health experts given its large antioxidant and lycopene constituency. The scarlet vegetable can resist many chronic ailments like cardiovascular troubles and prostate cancer. It helps in smooth digestion and helps people suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis.

Prevention of sports injuries for children

sports injuries for childrenWhen it comes to outdoor sports it really seems that kids are prone to getting injured at ease. It is a common phenomenon. Parents are often noticed to be extremely worried on this issue. It is quite normal on their part to be apprehensive about the injuries. However they should not be too edgy.

• Get your kids enrolled to proper sports programs- If you make it a point to get your kids enrolled in apt sports program then you can heave a sigh of relief for sure. It is these apt sports programs which are going to ensure the safety of the kids. If you arrange something like this you will find that things are sorted efficiently.
• Focus on proper warm-ups- It is pretty imperative that you should be able to focus as well as encourage your kinds on proper warm-ups. If you do so you are going to build up their inner strength for sure.
• Focus on cool-downs- Just like the warm-up sessions you do need to focus on the cool-downs as well. You need to understand that it is pretty important for the well being of your son or daughter.

You do need to take good care of tips that have been shared on Prevention of sports injuries for children. Doing so, you can rest assured that your kids are going to keep out of harm’s way. Take care of the little things that have just been discussed. These little things or steps will take care of the fact that your kid is safe. The ideas that have just been shared will do the needful to ensure the proper prevention of sports related injuries for your kids. So, do make it sure that you are going to follow the tips meticulously.